In 2021, a new application that aimed to curb crime was on the App Store. The app, named Vigilante, helped users track crime in real-time and seemingly motivated people to stop it. The app went viral in less than two days, spreading speedily thanks to the controversial video that exhibited how a user stopped what would-be mugging by recording the episode and frightening the attacker away.

For safety concerns, App Store pulled down Vigilante forty-eight hours after its launch. Good news – the app is back, up and running on the App Store as Citizen, a metropolitan area’s tool for crime prevention. There are notable differences between Vigilante and Citizen, the most notable one being the new name.

Citizen’s CEO and founder, Andrew Frame, recently said that he believed that the tag vigilante was distracting the masses from the firm’s core mission, to protect cities and their people, rather than encourage vigilantism.

Andrew Frame, the brain behind Citizen, developed an app that, for the first time, could combine 911 intelligence with location data to keep users and their loved ones safe. He is a nuanced entrepreneur and skilled software programmer. Andrew established his first company at the age of fifteen! After running the internet service provider, he did not stop there; he went to set up Ooma in 2004 to serve the telecommunication needs of companies. Visit this page for more information.

In 2007, Frame joined Cisco Systems as a support engineer and was a part of the Global Center Expertise, a specialty in routine architecture. Cisco awarded him the top technical certification, CCIE certification, in the first year with the company. Andrew Frame recreated history by becoming the youngest person to earn the accolade. Though born and raised in Las Vegas, Andrew Frame spends his days in New York and Los Angeles at Citizen headquarters.


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