Bhanu Choudhrie founded AAG, a company that offers simulator training for all aircraft pilots. This sector is static but the coronavirus is forcing the adjustment and speeding it more unusually. Alpha Aviation Group leads in transformation not forgetting an online-first strategy to pilot training.

Bhanu Choudhrie formed AAG in 2006 after realizing that pilot training needed more effective ways for the budget airlines that lack enough resources to develop better and informed training programs.

Therefore, airlines are forced to outsource a lot of training. Alpha Aviation Group was nominated to render MPL as the industry regulators were approving companies. Bhanu Choudhrie confirms that MPL uses simulators, unlike the traditional training methods, therefore, lowering the inflight training to approximately70 hours.

The in-flight time reduction enables Alpha Aviation Group to accomplish the budget airlines’ demands by equipping the pilots based on the fleet size increment. The accelerated system confirms that pilots need about two years of training thanks to MPL as compared to more than five years of the past program.

Simulators also reduce the training charges accordingly. AAG’s strategy to training betters the safety requirements for upcoming pilots. The past programs start their sessions on small aircraft where learners get the fundamental concepts before advancing to bigger ones for more procedures.

On the other hand, AAG enables pilots to gain experience in the passenger airplanes they will be working with during the training period. This plan is becoming more important because planes are advancing technologically. A more compacted MPL system needed AAG to spend heavily on the simulators, and it has paid off.

The firm now has 11 simulators and it has recently added another one in the Philippines. To date, AAG has elevated more than 1,700 pilots in UAE and Asia. Therefore, it has served cadets from 40 nations where the program has been rolled out. Therefore, Bhanu Choudhrie is confident that now airlines are headed in the right direction. Bhanu Choudhrie’s: Facebook Page.