In 2017, the official launch of the Citizen App helped outreach within communities facing crises and kept people informed when it came to emergencies. By 2020, the Citizen app had garnered 7 million users that engaged with the app by following Citizen’s constant verified updates and doing things like recording big events, such as the Trump Tower fire that occurred in 2019.

Citizen App uses crowd-sourcing and a police scanner to help keep users apprised of local events that could be worrying. This feature from Citizen App is called “Protect”. It can keep a lookout for anything in the area of the user. And even connect them to an agent that can escalate the call to police officers through 911 if warranted.

Citizen is a hybrid of a police scanner app and a news app, with quick updates on the pulse of society. These updates have helped people concerning safety and crimes. Now, the app is expanding its updates to the weather.

Citizen has a dedication to keeping citizens alert and prepared. When it comes to weather, one’s life can be completely upended and changed just from one natural disaster. Sometimes, the weather can even be life-threatening. Citizen App realized that their users had a need to be informed of weather just as much as they needed to be informed of other safety issues and emergencies. In the event of an oncoming major weather turn, Citizen wanted to aid people with the inevitable weather trouble they will face.

Across the United States, users of Citizen will be supplied with consistent weather alerts that were verified by the National Weather Service itself. In recent times, this service within the app came into life-saving use when Hurricane Ida ripped through many states and unexpectedly deeply affected the metropolitan area of New York and New Jersey.

Though many people were direly affected in these areas, the citizens local to New York were able to be warned in advance by the Citizen app’s weather service, before the mass emergency alerts were sent out. Nationwide, whether there is flash flooding, tornadoes, or severe storms, the Citizen app can be of use with its urgent updates. Go here for additional information.


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