Edgard Corona is the CEO of Smartfit, the top name in the fitness section in Latin America. Both Bio Ritmo and Smartfit group has four hundred and eighty gyms and has made close to one billion dollars in 2017. His fitness section is felt throughout Latin America, which currently has one point six million students. The whole point is for people to reshape how to exercise to change the entire market.

Edgard Corona says that owning a gym was not a big part of my goal at first because only a few people attended. Edgard had a physical company that was athletic fashion. When the first significant gym in Brazil started, it was inside a shopping mall, where the city of São Paulo had a distinctive look. Since the gym was where it was, it had plenty of traffic of people. It then gave many students the chance to be a part of it from all areas.

Since there was more of a desire for gyms due to the population, it was a better structure in their regions, which soon gave people a monthly fee of about seventy-nine dollars.

Bio Ritmo opted for a low cost when Edgard Corona went to the United States in 2008 to understand the business pattern of Planet Fitness which was the biggest gym chain that offered its members excellent prices. He then brought these ideas to Brazil and launched the first in this pattern in the Morumbi region to aid the most popular paths for growth. This pattern was to assist by serving people with value and contributing to society.

Mr. Corona offered people the very best of equipment and treatment that gave people a chance to grow. He intends challenges so that everyone can grow and improve. Go Here for related Information.