Ever since he stepped foot at Oracle Park, SF Giants CEO Larry Baer has been preaching tolerance, flexibility, and lenience to one another. The Giants boss is particularly concerned about these and other virtues now than any other time because Oracle Park has not gone back to its full operation.

The SF Giants CEO is not alone in his quest of the virtues his boys should exhibit. Bruce Bochy, Farhan Zaidi, Bobby Evans, and Brian Sabean, his colleagues at Oracle Park have also added their voice on the kind of players the team should have going forward.

In a recent trip to Las Vegas, Giants CEO emphasized that it doesn’t matter what one has or how much he or she earns. The important thing for all to work as a team. The Giants CEO speaks about teamwork when Giants is planning a grand comeback as the public health sector slowly adjusts its restrictions. As for Baer, he is not new to seeing 9-figure deals.

In fact, since he joined the team, the Giants CEO has witnessed the signing of checks worth millions of dollars. It is for that reason that he speaks fondly about Oracle Park, which he knows the far it has come from. In fact, Larry Baer is aware that the team is built by young and talented boys from the larger Bay area. That explains why he is always passionate about what the boys need to do to keep the spirit of flexibility growing.

When the question about what kind of team Oracle Park will be fronting when the 2022 season kicks off, the SF Giants CEO went back to speak about the same thing that he has sang for the past several months. Larry said, “That will depend on two main things namely, the ‘farm system’ and of course how everybody around the farm system behaves.” Watch this video for additional information.


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