Fashion is an industry where people are constantly making advancements with new materials, designs, and brands. However, the essential part of fashion – the customer – often gets forgotten in all of this advancement. This was one of the many problems that Kfir Gavrieli saw in his quest to be a successful entrepreneur in fashion after the formation of Tieks. He took on the mission of revolutionizing the fashion industry with a focus on the customer.

As an entrepreneur in fashion, Gavrieli has made significant strides in improving people’s lives through his company, Tieks. Gavrieli has made his mark on the fashion industry with a simple, yet innovative idea. He created comfortable flats that could be matched and complement any outfit by being one of the only shoes for women to come in various colors.

The flats can be worn every day or for special occasions as they were created from high-quality material. The flats come in several different colors, but they all look very similar to ballet flats with a luxurious feel and an expensive appearance. Tieks shoes were created to be a minimalist design with two elastic bands on either side of the shoe, allowing for quick and easy use.

This idea was so popular that he launched a “Tieks Kickstarter” campaign that raised more than one million dollars. With this success, he has been able to expand his collection of shoes to keep up with demand.

Kfir Gavrieli has made a significant impact on the growth and development of underdeveloped communities in different parts of the globe. He has helped educate and support entrepreneurs in developing countries while also giving back to the local community. He has distributed grants and microloans to entrepreneurship groups in different parts of the world with the aid of KIVA, an online microfinance platform. See this page for more information.


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