Robert Kraft has had a lot of success over the years but it is not clear how he was able to lead the patriots to six super bowls over the years. He was raised in a small town not too far from Boston & his dad wanted him to be a rabbi when he grew up but he knew he was destined for greater things than that.

He had been a sports fan ever since he was a kid & knew he wanted to go into that field as an adult. By the time he got to his senior year, he was able to get a scholarship to Columbia. Robert Kraft was not sure if he should enroll there at first but in the end, it proved to be the right choice for him. When he got there, it was not long before Robert Kraft was trying out for the football team & he made the cut.

He also played tennis in college too & this is where he met his wife. By the time he was done with his classes, he went on to business school where he did his best to earn his MBA in just 3 short years. When he was done with that, he tried to find a job in the field of sports but didn’t have much luck when he was just starting out.

Most of the teams he would buy would go under after just a few years but it soon began to turn around for him when he had the chance to buy the England Patriots. He had been a huge fan ever since the early 60’s & so he knew he had to do it. Robert Kraft has since been able to turn them into the huge powerhouse they are & lives in Brooklyn. Read this article for related information.


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