The Milwaukee Bucks have made strides in the past weeks after their incredible journey to victory. The Bucks won the NBA Championship this July, making it their first victory in 50 years. The Milwaukee Bucks carried a huge fan-following leading up to their victory against the Phoenix Suns. Their journey this past season has made fans and others curious about who holds the fate of the Bucks and the majority owners of the team.

One of the majority owners of the Milwaukee Bucks is Wes Edens. Wes Edens is one of four major owners to the champion team. The four primary owners of the Milwaukee Bucks are Wes Edens, Marc Lasry, James Dinan and Mike Fascitelli. Wes Edens is among the owners who has the highest stakes in the Bucks. Mike Fascitelli, while a large investor in the Bucks, has the least stake in the Bucks out of the four primary owners.

These four primary owners bought the Milwaukee Bucks in 2014. The team was sold to Edens, Dinan, Lasry and Fascitelli from Kohl. To be able to buy a monumental company, such as an NBA team, the owners had to have made economic progress throughout their lives. Wes Edens, as discussed, is one of four primary owners of the team. Edens gained his wealth through investment and is now a billionaire. After founding his company, Edens has increased his net worth to approximately $1.2 billion. Edens created his company, Fortress Investment Group, in 1998. This firm has grown his status over the years, to the point that he was able to purchase the Milwaukee Bucks.

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