Roland Jr doesn’t just lead without knowledge. The businessperson and serial entrepreneur is in charge of the large entity created by his grandfather years ago. After years of serious growth and developments, the businessman developed new ways of handling everything in the large corporation.

Roland Dickey Jr is an award-winning CEO, and is the head of Dickeys Capital Group located in Dallas, TX. It’s one of the largest barbecue franchises globally, which began as a small business being run by a family. The company is now celebrating its eighth anniversary in the industry. Roland attained his B.A. undergraduate degree from the University of Southern Methodist in 1996 before starting his restaurant industry career.

Many executives have so many responsibilities under their belt, so they are forced to do numerous things at once. Multi-tasking, however, does not excite the amazing leader. In his years of leadership, the business guru has realized he is better at his job when he handles one specific task at a time. It might seem like it takes too much time, but that does not bother Roland Dickey Jr Net Worth.

The executive believes when the brain focuses on achieving just one thing, the chances of getting success are very high. Multi-tasking might seem like the best way for leaders to execute their duties. In the long run, however, things never get to their rightful place.

Roland Dickey Jr focuses a lot when in the office. You will not see him checking his phone and answering calls when he is handling important company businesses. Being creative is what defines a great leader. Phone calls and texts interfere with creativity, so he ensures that these things have their special time. People in business makes very serious mistakes because of giving their mobile phones too much attention.

Roland Dickey Jr allocates some time for his family and calls. Reading and replaying emails happens when the executive is not busy. Walking around the house or the office helps the executive to clear his busy mind at the end of the day. When walking without getting distractions from the surrounding, the business leader gets a lot of ideas for his business and customers. This culture is mandatory for people who want growth in their establishments. Go to this page on LinkedIn, for more information.


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