The issue of global warming sounds like a taboo topic that very many individuals and writers around the world are not willing to write about. Currently, this important topic has only been seen to be very prevalent among the political class in the country and even in other parts of the world. There have been very few policymakers and experts in climate change that are willing to speak publicly about the issue of global warming.

However, the Washington Post has recently become one of the few print media houses in the country that has been bold enough to write some compelling articles about global warming. Simon Denyer has been the face behind the change of the policy as he believes that people around the world should be in a position to acquire sufficient information about the world at large. This is an important topic that people should get to grips with so that they can move ahead.

As data shows, global warming is currently accelerating, and unless something is quickly done to reverse the current trends, the ice caps in the poles will soon melt, and the rise in sea levels around the world will be a major issue of concern. Simon Denyer notes that the readers of his articles at Washington Post have been responding positively to the information that he is currently trying to pass.

Simon Denyer does not want to justify his posts and articles through the fact that people have been reading them and that they have been offering some essential positive reports. Instead, Simon believes that he has an important obligation to communicate about what is happening in the entire world in matters of global warming. He wants to inform the policymakers so that they can undertake some important strategies that will help in enhancing the livelihood of the coming generations.

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