ZeroAvia aviation company is amongst the top companies presenting innovative technology to NASA. The selected companies will deliver an approach that will benefit NASA’s strategic priorities and missions. The creative technology forum enables the company to connect NASA chief technologists, investors, innovators, and industry experts to help the company earn excellent success in the market. According to the founder and chief executive officer of ZeroAvia, Val Miftakhov, the company feels privileged about the opportunity given by the NASA community to show and share their efforts regarding hydrogen-electric powertrain. 


Also, Val opines that they are looking forward to working as a team to accomplish their mission of enhancing zero-emission flight. ZeroAvia’s primary mission is to replace conventional engines with hydrogen-electric fueled powertrains within all commercial flights. Companies using the aviation company´s technology can minimize maintenance cost and use less fuel hence accumulating reasonable profit. In 2020, ZeroAvia made a hydrogen-electric flight for the first time. According to Maxwell Briggs, NASA’s iTech program manager, their company is looking forward to working with the best innovative entrepreneurs to help them explore space healthier, more efficiently, safer, and smarter. 


NASA is the best company in terms of discovering the cosmos worlds surrounding the Earth. They also invent and advance technologies in space systems and aeronautics. Unlike most companies, NASA collaborates with various private sectors to create a good working environment. Their main plan is to ensure that the American entrepreneurs have a broad marketplace for investment to cultivate their industries. ZeroAvia benefits from the considerable support of the Innovate UK and the UK’s Aerospace Technology Institute. So far, they have earned a certificate by experimenting with two safe flights. ZeroAvia is a determined and focused company working harder regularly to bring multiple solutions to the aviation industry. They lead the zero-emission aviation technology that focuses on using hydrogen-electric power. 

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