Month: October 2021

Qnet And Business

Starting a business isn’t always an easy task. There are so many things business owners need to know before starting. That’s where Qnet can help. Who is Qnet? They are a business that lives to help those that want to have their own business by offering services that connect a business to products they can […]

What Are The Benefits Expected From Cloud Inventory, The Newest Version Of Data Systems International?

Data Systems International is a Missouri-based cloud-based platform that controls and offers inventory management solutions. DSI Global launched a new version of Cloud Inventory that will assist in the recent supply chain disruptions. DSI Global’s newest version of the cloud solution a mobile cloud-based solution that offers real-time inventory management solutions and provides transparency of […]

Horizons Telecom Founder, Haroldo Jacobovicz

Haroldo Jacobovicz is a businessman and trained civil engineer who loves information technology. Additionally, he is the founder and CEO of e-Governe Group, Horizons Telecom and Horizon Data center. The purpose of his opening these companies was to bring together the best strategies and human talent to come up with the most innovative solutions. As […]