Month: November 2021

Why Roland Dickey Jr Does Not Multi-Task

Roland Jr doesn’t just lead without knowledge. The businessperson and serial entrepreneur is in charge of the large entity created by his grandfather years ago. After years of serious growth and developments, the businessman developed new ways of handling everything in the large corporation. Roland Dickey Jr is an award-winning CEO, and is the head […]

Citizen App Warns Users Of Weather

In 2017, the official launch of the Citizen App helped outreach within communities facing crises and kept people informed when it came to emergencies. By 2020, the Citizen app had garnered 7 million users that engaged with the app by following Citizen’s constant verified updates and doing things like recording big events, such as the […]

“How To Join The IM Academy”

This blog post is a summary of IM Academy, which is a popular social media marketing course. The IM Academy program has been used by tens of thousands of people and offers many resources to help you succeed in the IM world. If you are interested in improving your online presence or getting more clients […]