Alex Pissios is on a mission to reinvent Chicagos’ film industry. He is not alone; he has many supporters and believers that help him accomplish his mission. People in the film industry have supported and believed in Alex Pissios since day one, which is what makes him so determined to accomplish his goals. The first thing that Alex did was create the Chicago Filmmakers Coalition, which exposes opportunities for makers of different backgrounds to come together and create something great for Chicagoans.

Alex Pissios is a man of many different talents who is also knowledgeable in many areas. He is a co-founder and president of the Chicago Filmmakers Coalition, which has created an opportunity for everyone in Chicago to come together and create new projects that will benefit not only the film industry but Chicagoans too. Alex Pissios started his company called Alex Pictures, where he produces, shoots, and edits films. His company has produced commercials, short films, and non-profit videos, including work for The Puma Foundation and UNICEF. Alex Pictures was featured in multiple publications, including Forbes and Inc Magna Business Weekly. 

Alex Pissios career started when he was in high school. A teacher advised him to apply to Columbia College, where he could pursue his passion for filmmaking better. Alex Pissios attended Columbia College in Chicago, where he received a degree in film production. Then he went on to get his master of fine arts degree at the American Film Institute Conservatory in Los Angeles. He is a very well-known figure in the film industry, and he has worked as a director, producer, and editor. 

He has worked for the Directors Guild of America, where he has done commercials for agencies like The Bono Company. He was a publicist for Entertainment Weekly in their promotions department. He also works closely with AARP to grow awareness of their video library at the AARP Network. He also works with Cinereach, where he is an executive producer and director in their social media department. Alex Pissios often collaborates with other organizations to help promote his work and his company’s work.