IM Academy is an online education platform that teaches anyone who wants to have Forex trading skills. It was started in 2003 by Christopher Terry and his friend Isis De La Torre. They were both Forex trading experts. The two entrepreneurs had a vision of providing accessible interactive training that would help people acquire skills and trade themselves in Forex. IM Academy uses different teaching methods such as GoLive interactive, uploading its information to database students can access using the mobile app.

IM Academy has developed so much in the past eight years and has become a massive organization with almost 22500 active members. These members have benefited a lot from its products and most of its services. This organization has its headquarters in New York and is legally registered as a corporation. The organization offers various services and products, but the core product is learning modules(academics).

This academic has four training courses on the organization’s website. Their primary way of interacting with students is through video sessions like GoLive sessions. These videos provide the student with a core understanding of concepts and Forex trading methodologist at student pace. These live sessions are in more than ten different languages and in multiple time zones to favor students in different locations worldwide. They last for an hour, and the rest of the time is for students to ask what they haven’t understood.

At the end of the learning module, a quiz ensures students understand what the educator taught them. A student can proceed next module after attending the quiz and successfully passing the questions. In IM Academic, there are four primary academies of learning.

FRX Academy teaches basic foreign currency, HFX Academy gives students education on the high-frequency exchange, DCX Academy teaches students about digital currency exchange, and ECX Academy, the main focus on e-commerce and how to build and manage an online business. Refer to this page to learn more.


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