Bhanu Choudhrie is the Alpha Aviation Group (AAG) founder. AAG has been able to minimize the costs of training while increasing the efficiency of the process. For example, AAG does not have to purchase expensive new simulators each year to accommodate the latest software and technological advances. Furthermore, AAG pays for each hour of training with a credit card rather than buying expensive equipment and software development kits for each new simulator. This allows the company to offer a greater variety of training programs that meet the needs of different pilot groups and budgets.

Bhanu Choudhrie explains, “The digital-first approach to commercial pilot training is a best practice for every other industry. For example, the software development process is digital-first. And the manufacturing process is digital-first. Digital-first is becoming the new normal.” He adds, “We see the same happening with aviation. The majority of aviation is digital. And we already see a digital-first transformation occur.”

This approach allows pilots to train in the same virtual environment they might encounter in the real world, with real-time feedback and automatic performance monitoring. Bhanu Choudhrie: This will enable AAG to offer a more immersive experience for its students, who can focus on their training without worrying about operational issues that may arise on flights. It can also improve efficiency, as pilots can focus on their craft rather than dealing with operational issues. Moreover, AAG’s digital-first approach offers significantly shorter training than traditional providers.

By using a digital-first approach, AAG’s instructors can more easily incorporate new technologies into the classroom, such as virtual- and augmented reality (VR/AR) goggles, which can drastically speed up the training process. More time is allocated to actual flying, resulting in more accurate and efficient flight operations. This same digital-first approach also delivers customer-observable data, such as seat-mile performance, which AAG’s instructors track and report in real-time. This enables customers to see how their pilot training performs and make necessary adjustments to drive greater efficiency and accuracy.

The company offers flight simulation training that is both realistic and fun, noted Bhanu Choudhrie. The digital-first approach removes the need to print out flight routes and allows instructors to focus on the student’s abilities rather than their weaknesses. When students take Alpha Aviation Group courses, they learn the skills they need to get hired as commercial airline pilots.