Don Manifold is the Sole Founder and General Manager of Equity & Advisory, and a specialist in mergers, investments, and divestitures. He also created manifold Advisory Partners. Manifold was the Portfolio Manager and Director of Transaction Advisory at EY in Adelaide and the Northern Territory prior to joining Equity & Advisory and founding his own company.

Don Manifold has assisted on more than 60 successful acquisitions, Initial public offerings, capital raisings, and divestitures totaling more than $3 billion. He’s also written independent panel evaluations and appraisals for companies with over $25 billion in market capitalization. He’s used to dealing with more outstanding transactions like the sale of S. Kidman and her pals.

Don Manifold has worked in various industries, notably commerce, computer technology, industrial, agricultural, and consumer products, and has participated in transactions in several nations. He is conversant with international business and attentive to ethnic expectations and norms, having spent time in Sydney, Adelaide, London, and Melbourne and covered deals in Croatia and New Guinea.

Manifold holds a bachelor’s degree in economics with a concentration in accountancy, for which he earned honours. In addition, he has a Master of Business Administration degree. He is a graduate of the Australian Graduate School of Business, which is routinely ranked among the most excellent business schools globally. Ultimately, he is a prestigious Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, a prestigious institution dedicated to promoting and developing chartered accountants.

Manifold of Equity & Advice and Manifold Advisory Partners have operated in senior management capacities in a transactional advisory for more than two decades. He has collaborated with some large and most prestigious service companies. His customers have faith in his ability to develop a viable path and how it will fit into a bigger transaction plan.

Former customers have complimented him for his ability to establish a prospective course and how it will fit into a broader transaction approach. He is excellent at concentrating on the most effective way to move from one stage to the next without jeopardizing the contract’s ethics or worth. He gives several options and then assists his customers in weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each takeover, merger, or divestiture choice.

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