In the world of entrepreneurship, anyone who is looking to remain relevant in this sector must always demonstrate that they are offering something unique that will change the world. However, any business owner who will be offering something that does not address the usual issues and challenges that people have been facing will struggle to have an impact on the entire business environment. That is why some successful organizations and some entities have been struggling to have an impact.

Successful businesses are the entities that have been looking for some of the best ways to address the usual challenges that people have been facing. In this case, Miki Agrawal has been a business owner who has been looking for the usual challenges that people in the world today have been facing. In her discovery, Miki has realized that the issue of environmental degradation is something that needs to be addressed through some innovations.

As such, coming up with some strategies that will reverse environmental degradation will be one of the essential ways of giving back to the community and solving some of the challenges that people have been facing. One of the major challenges that Miki Agrawal has realized in this industry is that there are many trees used every year in the manufacture of tissue papers. This is a significant contributor to environmental challenges that the world is currently facing.

As a business owner who wants to achieve profitability while at the same time solving some challenges, Miki Agrawal has done everything possible to ensure that all the tissue papers that her organization is currently producing are not manufacturing through the cutting of trees. This is one of the critical decisions that have solved the environmental challenges that the United States has been struggling to address in the last twenty years.

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