Juan Monteverde is a New York City based attorney, and has founded the national class action law firm Monteverde & Associates PC. His firm specializes in representing shareholders who have been the victim of corporate fraud during mergers, and is a staunch advocate for shareholder’s rights. Mr. Monteverde started the business after working for other firms and he ran the mergers and acquisitions department as partner. He then decided to take the leap to create his own firm where he emphasized the importance of work ethic and experience. Mr. Monteverde also believes that you should leave any firm you worked at in good terms, which is how the business was able to be profitable from the start. This is because he started his own firm with cases he had on file, and he had the experience to garner the trust of new clientele.

In tandem with his emphasis on a strong work ethic, Mr. Monteverde knows when to make hard decisions when needed. He closed the firm’s offices 2 weeks before New York City required all businesses to do so for the COVID-19 pandemic. This emphasizes his understanding that not only a tough decision must be made, but also knowing when to make that difficult choice.

He believes the key to starting any new business should be focused on working hard and networking, as that is crucial for entrepreneurs to connect with peers to gain valued feedback and insights, and thinks that any great leader should be a role model.

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