The CEO and founder of the Citizen App, Andrew Frame, is a man whose daily routines and activities can be emulated by business persons and everyone to enhance a productive day. The developer of a global used application shares his daily routines in an interview conducted by IdeaMensch.

From the interview, important life lessons can be withdrawn and borrowed for self-improvement by entrepreneurs and anyone looking forward to better days in the future. Andrew Frame is expert in software development deduces that his daily routines commence early in the morning. He wakes up early in the morning, takes coffee, exercise and later listen to the news, a practice that he is accustomed to and which has enabled him to view things from a broader angle.

After the onset of the world’s disturbing pandemic, Covid-19, which has drastically led to low profits among companies, he was forced to spend sleepless nights finding ways to fight during Covid times. The entrepreneur was forced to shift its headquarters from New York City to remote operations.

In addition, after meetings with the team every morning, Andrew Frame accounts that much of his time is consumed by thinking of how he will attain his set goals. In working towards future ambitions, the entrepreneur analyses his strengths and finds solutions to product improvement, an attribute anyone can borrow.

More so, Andrew Frame points that a significant feature that has led to the success of the Citizen is his association with people with the same goal. He advises that employers should hire employees that are of a higher level than them. He explains that most of his team possess a high skill level who create excellent working conditions and work much more manageable. He adds that bosses should be flexible by listening to other people’s ideas and discourages authoritarian approaches in workplaces. See this article for additional information


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