The interest in retail trading and investing is on the rise and retail investors and traders are focusing on this sector of the financial marketplace.

Online Trading Academy is the leader in economic and financial education for people who are looking to evolve proficiency, building skills and developing confidence for investing and trading in the economic and financial markets. Online Trading Academy’s step by step, proprietary methodology teaches strategies that help investors and traders, make the best decisions linked to their long-term and short-term financial goals.

Online Trading Academy students will learn from the knowledge and guidance of experienced instructors, within an interactive classroom with wide-ranging educational resources on the CliK trading platform. These courses target traders and investors experienced or novice, who are interested in learning to use trading tools and techniques like traders and investors on Wall Street.

Online Trading Academy (OTA) has experienced staff and instructors to help students build skills and develop confidence as they progress in their financial education. Online Trading Academy students become part of the OTA community of investors and traders. OTA leads the industry in financial education and offers courses for students who are interested in learning strategies to increase knowledge, manage risk and build confidence.

With more than 70,000 students, Online Trading Academy has seen investors and traders use their products for various reasons and different goals. With more than 23 years’ experience, Online Trading Academy has developed over 40 locations in 7 different countries and is the forerunner in trading education. Their success is based on their knowledge and the fact that they recognize trading as a skill, and like any other skill, studying will not gain mastery without hands on getting in the game and practicing.

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