When Giants Merge: DSI State-Of-The-Art Field Solutions Complement and Complete Salesforce’s Already Stellar CMS Solutions Software

With two decades of operational existence under its belt, Salesforce has made a name for itself as a worldwide computer cloud inventory company. Known for its subscription-based computer management system. Salesforce offers advanced Customer Management Solutions software. Companies with access to Salesforce’s cloud computing solutions have a full suite of tools at their disposal, including […]

Citizen App

The mobile application “Citizen App” was introduced to the market as an alternative to the 911 emergency calls. The citizen connects the user directly with local law enforcement personnel at their residence. Citizen app offers instant notifications about local emergencies, such as car accidents, house fires, robberies, rapes, etc. when those events occur within a […]

A Fascinating Career Outline For Andrew Frame

Among the most successful and famous entrepreneurs is Andrew Frame. As the founder and owner of Citizen, he has created an international business empire, amassing significant wealth. His experience and skills have earned him a global slot among the youngest wealthy businesspeople. The entrepreneur has appeared in journals such as BusinessWeek for being outstanding. Born […]

 Du Shuanghua Recap

Attributes of Du Shuanghua, Rizhao’s CEO Du Shuanghua is a well-known Chinese entrepreneur and philanthropist. He founded a steel company that became one of the largest in China. Du served as the CEO of Rizhao Steel until 2010. Sustainable development has become a significant issue in China’s steel industry. As a philanthropist and an entrepreneur, […]

 Mahmoud Khattab Recap

The global healthcare industry is rapidly changing. In the next five years, many changes are expected to take place. One of the most important changes in the development and implementation of AI-powered solutions to improve healthcare processes. Mahmoud Khattab provides an overview of how AI will impact healthcare in 2021. He also shares his predictions […]