PosiGen transforms homes by providing solar power for all. This company is providing effortless, accessible solar energy to everyone. PosiGen desires to see solar power being easily accessible and affordable to all, particularly to low-income societies. Therefore, through making solar power easily accessible, the company’s program for solar leasing will enable families in low-income groups to save money, invest in making their homes better, minimize utility bills and work towards attaining a better future. Moreover, PosiGen’s mission is to make an impact globally with its solar power. Thus, PosiGen believes in assisting customers to save money rather than making every dollar.


Furthermore, PosiGen values diversity and interacts directly with its customers from the communities it serves. Over 65% of employees at PosiGen are women, while others are of mixed colors. By offering affordable solar, the solar company brings positive changes to communities with increased needs. After saving money that could be used on utility costs, PosiGen’s customers can put the money into other uses, thus supporting economic growth at local levels. Additionally, through affordable solar, people are mainly likely to direct their finances to invest in technology. 


Eventually, this impacts both the environment and customers. The upgrades on energy efficiency by PosiGen ensures that customers live in safe and clean places. Solar brings various global impacts; however, PosiGen also helps its customers lead healthier lives and live safely. PosiGen was founded as a result of New Orleans’s people seeking to rebuild. These people desired more affordable, more efficient and better homes (Techbullion). 


However, only 16 distinct programs were present to assist in rebuilding, but only wealthy residents could access them. Low income and moderate-income societies were hardly able to afford the rebuilding programs. Therefore, the founders of PosiGen became aware of this disparity and decided to come up with solutions to this problem. In the end, this company was formed to bring happiness to these low-income groups. PosiGen was founded to sell solar to communities characterized by low and middle income differently from other solar power companies. Thus, PosiGen’s sales are based on savings. At PosiGen, if selling customers solar power will not save them money; therefore, the system is ultimately not installed.