Randal Nardone, one of the Co-Founders of Fortress Investment is a self-done business and one the wealthiest persons in the world. Unlike most of the financial giants, Randal Nardone has a background education of B.A English/Biology and Doctorate in law. By profession it is expected that he should be one of the most famous attorneys, though, his WORK history can be traced back to Thatcher Proffitt & Wood, where he was a litigant and a partner, he only practiced litigation for only two years. Throughout his career Randal Nordine has never taken back seat, and, his life is characterized by boldness. After working as the partner in a law company, he moved to BlackRock a financial management firm where he worked as a Principal. This is an indicator that Nardone chooses to leave the legal field and pursue his passion in the business field.

Randal Nardone partnered with Wes Edens to form private equity company Fortress Investment Group back in 1998. Randal dedication and passion to fortress equals his appetite to excel. This is where Randal broke from what he had done in the school of law and put all his interests in asset management. He was among the Co-Founders who made Fortress grow to great heights witnessing Fortress transition from inception. He was one of the directors who decided to list Fortress in Initial Public Offer as the first equity firm to be enlisted in a stock exchange in 2007. One year later under the leadership of Randal Nardone and other two Co-founders fortress was purchased in a record of $3.9Billion. Randal was the first among the co-founders to give acceptance comments terming a move to grow faster. After the purchase he remained a principal with other co-founders, and, in 2013, he was made the Chief Executive Officer. Due to his dedication and passion for investing in his own company coupled with the legal background, he holds several leadership positions of Fortress of Subsidiaries such as Chairman and the President of Springleaf financial holdings and many others. Randal Nordane is one of the wealthiest personalities in the world; he has spent his active adult life creating wealth. He was listed by Forbes magazine as number 557 in 2007 with a net worth of USD 1.8 billion and more