Richard Liu Qiangdong was born in Suquian China in 1973. He is also known as Liu Quiangdong, he is a billionaire entrepreneur who is the founder of, also known as JD Mall. Richard graduated with a degree in sociology from the Peoples University of China in 1996 but was spending a lot of his time learning computer programming during that time. Liu also attended the China/Europe International Business School and earned his EMBA.

Richard’s business, Jingdong started selling magneto-optical products in 1998 and went on to become very successful as a storefront until the SARS outbreak of 2003, at which point Liu started to think about an online business venture.

This online platform took off in 2004 and he changed the name from Jingdong to in 2007, with another name change in 2013 to happens to be one of the two massive B2C online retail giants in China. It is a member of the fortune 500. The platform has 301.8 Million active users.

What’s more, is that in’s inception, Richard wrote the code for the website himself and lived in the office that it was created in, so as not to spend extra money on an office just to make a business. He handled all the customer service issues and even hand-delivered some of those earlier orders. This helped him learn as much as possible about the business and his customer base, while also giving the business a very personal touch.

This company and Richard Liu just keep growing and growing with no amount of stopping on the horizon. is trading on the NASDAQ, as well as having an affiliate called JD Finance. It is one of the country’s largest online direct sales and according to Fortune, Qiangdong has been ranked as #48 in its list as one of the world’s greatest leaders.

The future seems bright for Liu and just keeps getting brighter! Visit this page for more information.


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