The health sector is steadily growing. Many individuals are making efforts to improve access to health care services, led by Tim Murawski, the current president and Chief Commercial Officer for Augmedics. The Augmedics company has its headquarters in Chicago with a group of experts taking charge. Augmedics have made exemplary steps to incorporate modern technology to make medical devices that help in easy access to the medical conditions of the patients.


The medical devices easily facilitate the health practitioners, especially during surgical procedures. Therefore, through the great minds of leaders in the company like Tim Murawski, they have successfully innovated the Xvision. The system has duly impacted the surgical process with brilliance in its improvisation in currency during the surgeries (Businesswire).


It will automatically enhance clearness for the practitioner with the assistance of the headset. It also allows the medics to effectively have a clear view of the visualization of the patient’s anatomy on what they are operating on, which is also seen through a remote screen. The XVison System also allows the effeteness of the proper instruments, among other vital details to be observed to the latter. Tim Murawski has worked for other companies in the light of medical services. He worked abroad through his great grounds in experience, bringing change in companies like Caesarea in Israel. Tim Murawski is an academic achiever with credits from various institutions of learning. His part-time leisure activities include water skiing, tennis among others.


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