Since leaving Western Illinois University in 1985, Tim Murawski has done some very impressive things in the medical field. Tim Murawski is passionate about one area of healthcare: the use of robotics in the medical industry. This is a unique medical niche to dedicate one’s career to, but it seems to have been the correct decision for him. Currently, he is a central figure in a medical organization known as Augmedics. How important is Tim Murawski to this group’s operations? 


Tim Murawski actually holds vital roles within the Augmedics organization. The first is President, and the second is Chief Commercial Officer. One of the primary goals for the Augmedics organization is to oversee the fulfillment of a variety of clinical needs via unique medical technologies. This, understandably, is a mission that Mr. Tim Murawski is willing to pursue it with great dedication. 


He has previously worked with other medical companies, and he has focused both on development and management while at those organizations. Recently, President and Chief Commercial Officer Tim Murawski led his beloved Augmedics team to a remarkable business victory, which has impressed many throughout the medical and healthcare industries. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Augmedics has thrived. It actually received a staggering $15 million in brand-new financing during its recent successful Series B funding process.

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