Data Systems International is a Missouri-based cloud-based platform that controls and offers inventory management solutions. DSI Global launched a new version of Cloud Inventory that will assist in the recent supply chain disruptions.

DSI Global’s newest version of the cloud solution a mobile cloud-based solution that offers real-time inventory management solutions and provides transparency of the supply chain at every point. Cloud Inventory has enabled companies and users access to the visibility into the state, authenticity of inventory, and supply chain location from the warehouse to the field.

Through DSI Global Cloud Inventory, an increase in productivity, revenue generation, compliance, and inventory optimization is guaranteed at every touchpoint of the supply chain. Companies have increased their revenue state and responded quickly to management needs due to the clear visibility and control of inventory provided through Cloud Inventory.

Users can quickly and accurately monitor their inventories at any scale since the availability of Cloud Inventory can be easily accessed through mobile devices, which includes interfaces and dashboards used to monitor and improve the supply chain performance.

DSI has been operating for the last 40 years and is currently led by Mark Goode, the C.E.O. D.S.I have a vast range of experience in the tech industry and widely understand the importance of adaptability in any business or organization in helping to track and control inventory. D.S.I. announced that Cloud Inventory is designed so that it can be easily configured and implemented in a wide range of industries, including medical devices, oil and energy, manufacturing and distribution, and utilities. Each of the mentioned industries has different and specific inventory management needs.

The flexible, easy configuration and low code platform, Cloud Inventory, allows companies working in the industries mentioned above to increase their inventory visibility and reduce the rate of human error by hiring expensive developers and programmers. Read this article to learn more.


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